HR Consultancy Company



The MBM Partners Company provides three basic services within its portfolio, Executive Search, HR Strategic Consultancy and Personal Couching.


MBM Partners is holder of a SZU licence number AA/2008/23125/8124/OISS.


Executive search


-        is applied when seeking highly demanding profiles and top management workers as well as specialists who are highly requested on labour market - the most effective way of attracting top-talent

-        the basic output includes presentation of actual situation in a given market segment and definition of possible effective solutions in the present time (incl. basic benchmarking)

-        it results in raised interest of excited candidates and triggers negotiation phase with them. By means of direct search our clients significantly save their inner resources and costs

-        full confidentiality towards our client and an executive  (strict and clear off-limit policy)


We naturally take the whole responsibility for our work. By entering the cooperation with us, you will be provided by guarantees to prevent you from wasting your time and money.  We simply do not quit after hiring our candidate.




HR Strategic Consultancy (Interim HR Management)


-        professional HR consultancy in the area of remuneration and elaboration of KPIs and bonus system of a company (benefits & compensation administration). Benchmarking within competitive industries

-        strategic HR management – HR strategies, organizational structures` optimization, training & development, performance management,

-        conceptual HR management – description of positions, definition of competencies, KPIs and requirements for a given profile, project & contract staff

-        outplacement

-        Success Fee model: 600 EUR/day (plan 2 days in a week)


This service is aimed to help our clients with the so called „day to-day“ personal issues, so you will spare your time, costs and necessary energy on reaching your core business goals.




Executive and Personal Coaching (Personal HR Management)

-       outplacement

-       executive and personal development programs

-       benchmarking

-       preoccupation

-       conselling and direct coaching (targetting the area of interest and definition of companies, contact database, preparation for interviews, after-care for best succeeding based on longterm relationship)

-       success fee model: 200 EUR / 100 min. (plans for 4 courses: longlist of companies, contact database, preparation for interviews, after-care for best succeeding based on logterm relationship)


Coaching is a very situational approach to bring people to their top level of performance and enjoyment in their current positions. In addition, in many cases coaching helps the individual being coached clarify priorities and prepare themselves for future growth, personally as well as professionally.

There are many different and successful approaches to the coaching process. Care should be given, however, to the selection of a coach who will be right for the specific need. At MBM Partners we take great care in helping individuals think through the need for a coach and

the selection of a coach based on their personal situation.